Our Services Include Residential and Commercial:

  • Theaters
  • ManCaves
  • Automation
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Security    Alarm Systems-Cameras-Access Control
  • TV Installation
  • WiFi – Cellular Booster


Man caves are what we’re known for and we’ve built nearly every conceivable design. At the end of the day, we’re here to make your man cave dreams come true. The latest in digital sound like THX and 4K resolution are just some of the state-of-the-art treatments we can bring to your home theater viewing experience. In addition, acoustical paneling, baffled seating and screens that can go as large as your customized room can hold will bring theatrical viewing home for unforgettable night at the movies….right in your own home. Beyond the aural and visual experience we create a comfortable and wholly customized environment that completes reflects who you are. From construction, materials, color palette and lighting, your Man Cave truly will be yours.

Corporate offices, schools, restaurants and beyond have a variety of design needs. Video conferencing units for board rooms not to mention multiple speaker and public address systems for doctors and dentists offices are popular. Security and surveillance are also in high demand with access control, magnetic locks and camera/recording systems being not only optional but now required in many environments. Crime security demands the very latest in technology and we’re adept at installing the latest in surveillance in any and all commercial environments.


Digital IP cameras with mega-pixel resolution has done away with grainy video images. Cameras and automatic recording devices, not to mention alarm systems that instantly alert fire or law enforcement (which can be operated remotely), bring an extra air of reassurance. Today’s security is precise, nearly impenetrable and mobile. Magnetic door locks accessed by a card or fob enhances security as well as records every entrance and exit. These security systems can also be linked to automatically communicate with cameras to record a variety of visual and data information.


Churches both large and small usually have particular audio visual needs, not to mention public address needs. Security systems are also becoming standard in houses of worship. These unique structures need a unique approach in design to help be the most effective church and worship buildings they can be.

Whether it’s a single room for Dad to call his own or a multi-room audio visual installation encompassing several zones, our residential experience is second-to-none. Our integrations can be called upon for upgrades or new installs. The latest in mobile applications eliminates all of those pesky remotes and now allows you to control audio, video, lighting and security systems on an IPad or even via your phone. In this day and age of increasing crime security has never been more warranted. We’ve installed the latest in surveillance technology in a variety of homes, buildings and complexes. From design, to construction, to the final tapestry of color and texture, we’re here to create a unique world that is tailored for you and you alone.

In today’s homes our living spaces are extending beyond the borders of the walls, such as large outdoor kitchens and luxurious sitting porches. A/V systems can greatly enhance these areas by piping in music through hidden speakers as well as bringing technology to the great outdoors by watching a football game on a water proof 70 inch screen in the falling rain. The possibilities are endless.

We’re poised to run free wire in any new construction, be it a corporate complex or a three bedroom home. We can also create a digital layout so that you have a clear idea of your wire-runs beforehand. Running your wiring during construction is infinitely more cost-effective than waiting until construction is completed and starting wiring at that time. We work easily with contractors, setting schedules and are efficient and precise in running wire so your AV and security system not only works consistently but that the wiring is also out of sight and the jack plugs are a natural part of the finished venue.

Celebratory, sporting, formal and personal, we can create it, giving it a special touch that marks it as yours. Our colleagues will meet with you, agree upon a design, quickly turn around the construction and turn the ‘keys’ over to you so that your event is a memorable one.